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Red Deer Hearing Aids – "We Listen to Help you Hear!"

We Listen to Help You Hear

A&E Hearing Care is the clinic where “We Listen to Help you Hear!”. Locally owned and operated since 2004. A&E Hearing provides hearing testing, client counselling and if needed medical referrals.  Every hearing aid fitting has a no obligation trial period. A&E Hearing is a vendor for AADL, WCB and DVA.

Welcome To A & E Hearing Care!

  • If after the 30-day trial period you decide hearing aids are not for you, just return them.  NO RISK, NO OBLIGATION!
  • Vendor for AADL, Veteran Affairs, RCMP and WCB.

You're Hearing Centre In Red Deer

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A&E Hearing Care Advantages

1 on 1 Personal Consulting

Personal Service

Andrew has worked with a wide variety of hearing issues and can suggest the best solution for you.

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Hearing Loss

How to Detect

Difficulty understanding pitch over the phone

Trouble distinguishing speech consonants like distinguishing between s and f

Asking others to speak slowly and clearly

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Best Hearing Aids and Pricing!

Best Hearing Aids

A & E Hearing Care carries hearing aids and hearing aid accessories from most major Manufacturers. There are different technology levels to suit your lifestyle and budget.

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Hearing Center

Expert Staff

Our Registered Hearing Aid Practitioner Andrew is a caring and professional individual who is concerned with your quality of life. He takes the extra time to explain your hearing loss and makes you comfortable.

Ultra Modern Equipment

We use the latest audio technology and software for hearing tests and customization of your hearing aids.

1 on 1 Personal Service

We work with you to select the best solution for your hearing loss as well as your lifestyle.

Our Team

Andrew Clark-Marlow

Andrew Clark-Marlow is the owner and a Registered Hearing Aid Practitioner and has been fitting hearing aids since 1999.