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Why Do Hearing Aids Cost So Much?

by on 10 April, 2014

From the Manufacturer:


Manufacturing Costs are high. Hearing aids are not a high volume product. High volume of orders  involve customization. Research and development costs must be spread over a relatively small number of units.

Loss and Damage Period

All manufacturers offer a period of time where the hearing aid will be replaced at a relatively low price to the client.

Warranty Costs.

Marketing costs

Free Trial Period.

Customization Costs - Most orders require manufacturing an aid to the client’s unique specifications.

Local Clinic

Professional Costs-College Training and on-going training to keep up with new technology

Yearly professional association fees

Testing time.

Personal Fitting ,consultation time, and follow-up care-Some fittings require 3 to 4 sessions to set the aids to the client’s loss.

Impressions-High percentage of orders require custom earmolds.

Servicing of aids-Most service (clean & check) is done free of charge during the warranty period.  Wear out parts i.e. tubes and tips are complimentary at the first change and are chargeable thereafter.

Staff costs.

Equipment costs-Testing booth, audiometers, computers, specialized equipment to fit hearing aids

Rental and maintenance  of facilities.

Vehicle and mileage costs to Service Centres and In-Home requests.

Liability Insurance and Vehicle Insurance

Shipping costs.

Advertising and marketing

Office Supplies

Telephone and Fax charges.

Utility costs.


It all adds up, but be assured at A & E Hearing we strive to offer good value for your money.




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