For the safety of our clients and staff, we are open with reduced hours and limiting the number of clients we see each day. You must make an appointment! We cannot accommodate walk-ins at this time.


Our Services

Hearing Aid Fitting

  • If after the 30-day trial period you decide hearing aids are not for you, just return them.  NO RISK, NO OBLIGATION!
  • Vendor for AADL, Veteran Affairs, RCMP and WCB.
  • Reprogramming offered for most hearing aid brands.

Hearing Aid Repairs and Servicing

  • A & E Hearing offers cleaning and minor repair services.
  • Major repair services are available for most hearing aid brands.
  • All sizes of hearing aid batteries are available both in the Red Deer Office and our Service Centre locations.

Custom Earmolds and Hearing Protection

A & E Hearing offers many custom products including:

  • Hearing Aid Earmolds
  • Hearing Protection Earmolds
  • Sleeper Earmolds
  • Swimmer Earmolds
  • Bluetooth Earmolds
  • Musician Earmolds
  • Communications EarMolds
  • Custom Ear Buds


In-Home Service Available

In-home visit service can be arranged for those clients that are unable to travel to our clinic or service centres. Fee applies.  

Hearing Aid Batteries

The performance of your hearing aids depends on top-quality batteries.

If your hearing aid batteries aren’t performing like they should, you could be missing out on many of the sounds and voices that make life richer and more enjoyable.  Stay connected to the sounds and voices that matter most.

Long Life and Superior Performance!
Today’s technologically advanced hearing aids require high-quality, specialized batteries.  And that’s where we come in.  Your convenience and satisfaction are our highest priorities.   We offer premium batteries designed for long life and superior performance. 

Important Reminder: Let your hearing aid batteries sit un-tabbed for one minute before putting them into your hearing aid.  Giving the battery that extra minute allows air to enter and activate your battery.

AADL, Veteran Affairs, RCMP, WCB

Vendor for AADL, Veteran Affairs Canada, RCMP and WCB.




Certified Hearing Aid Practitioner accredited by CHAPA and NBC/HIS



Hearing Tests

  • A & E Hearing Care offers complete hearing assessments including speech understanding in noise.
  • Hearing assessments are offered in our Red Deer Office as well as our Service Centre locations.
  • Hearing assessments for medical referral, employment screening, and RCMP are also available.
  • In-home visit service available, fee applies.
  • We will spend the extra time it takes with you to fully explain the results of your assessment and provide you with personalized recommendations.